Who is Wadelkebeida

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In the Name of Allah,  Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Who is Wadelkebeida ?


Name: Abdal- Rahman Mohammad Abdal- Majed.

Nickname: Wadelkebeida.

Date of Birth: Monday, July, 8th, 1952.

Place of Birth: Tayba-Al Shykh Al-Qurashi, Sudan.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Economics, University of Khartoum, Faculty of

                 Economics and Social Studies, Department of Business Administration, 1978.

Career: A Teacher of English Language in the Secondary School, from 1978 up to 2005.

             He is now a pensioner.

Marital Status: Married, and has got sons and daughters.

Social Participation: He is a director for Ash-shaykh Dafa-Allah As-Saim

                                 Deema Hospice in Al-Salama, Khartoum.

Literary Activities: He is the author of many books on Sufism, Literature, and some

                               translations in Arabic.



     For intensified information refer to the Arabic version in the Arabic Site "www.wadelkebeida.net/index.php/ar/".