For the Sake of Sudan Essay No. 2

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For the Sake of Sudan

Essay No. 2

15th, April, 2019


Written by:

Abdelrahman Mohammad Abdlmagid (Wadelkebeida) 


      In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Peace and Prayer be upon the magnificently mannered Apostle, Prophet Mohammed, and upon his Relatives and Companions, who utterly submitted themselves to Allah.

      In this essay I would like to give general indications that establish the basic foundations of Sudanese High Interests, which shall be preserved by every Sudanese government. Here I will discuss some generalities to be elaborated in details later. 

      From the onset, it must be ascertained that the Sudanese High Interests shall be considered above the selfish and trifle interests of the political parties. These High Interests shall be exemplified in just and excellent treatment for all citizens and parties. The same high interests are to be exhibited in friendly foreign relationships, ridding the country of unjustified animosity to others.

      The following details are worthwhile:

      1- Sudan Armed Forces shall remain separate, regular, professional and non-partisan. It is to defend sovereignty and secure the territorial integrity of the country. The Police mission is to maintain law and order; its service shall be open to all Sudanese. The Armed Forces and Police shall affiliate to all Sudanese, whereby it does not serve only a certain party or group. Legally, no party or group shall form an army or a battalion to guard the ruling party since it democratically assumed power.

      2- There shall be established a powerful economy that depends on commerce, agriculture, industry, and that exploits the Sudanese natural resources. In this respect, the Public Sector shall participate with the Private Sector in the economic development. Not all companies shall be privatized to make the government go out of the labour and economic market. At the same time Private Sector shall not be confiscated and too handicapped to participate in Sudanese economy. The Public Sector and the Private Sector, each has its unique policy and economic philosophy that make each of them render valuable commodities and services to Sudan. Sudanese High Interests shall be observed in this economic policy away from the mean selfish interests of the individuals and the parties. It shall be based on free competition. It is by no means fair to let all Sudanese assets and cash be in the hands of one party, leaving the rest of the Sudanese labour under bankruptcy.  


      3- In the field of education there shall be established educational foundations that serve all Sudanese without prejudice or partiality. Among these foundations we can mention the following:


      A) Revisiting the educational Ladder quantitatively and qualitatively. We kept on mentioning that putting infants together with adolescents will beget ethical dangers too drastic to meet. However, in this educational stage a pupil grows up to become an adult; and treating such an adult as if s/he were yet a child will psychologically ruin his character.

      B) Revisiting the school syllabus to make it reflect all the diversities of the Sudanese society, which is based on Islam; and simultaneously no creeds and thought of minorities shall be oppressed. Sudan is for all the Sudanese. 

      C) Teachers shall receive due training, and the school environment shall be improved  to make it helpful and tempting for the student and teacher alike.

      D) Technical education, which includes - inter alia - trade, industrial, agricultural education shall be reconsidered and made attractive to both the teachers and students.

      E) The development of the countries is associated with scientific research. Expanding the scientific research to wider horizons necessitates sponsoring scientific innovation and giving the researcher due scientific liberty.


      Of course, the above High Interests are supported by the following four means:

      i) Efficient economy that is geared towards reinforcing the Armed Forces, education and other services.

      ii) The proper person is to be appointed in the proper occupation. For instance, it is no use nominating for the ministry of education a civil engineer. For each post there shall be chosen a man of speciality and experience.

      iii) When setting the policies and programmes, we shall consult the specialists, each in his domain, be it economy, education, politics, law or whatsoever, so that these policies and programmes are scientifically planned.

      iv) Above all Good Will and Conscience shall prevail together with Piety that renders the work for Allah's sake, and for the benefit of Sudan.


                             And to Allah leads straight the Way.


                                                                                                 To be continued                                                                              

Abdelrahman Mohammad Abdlmagid (Wadelkebeida)